At Ama Desokupa we recover your home quickly.


Every day we receive many requests with queries regarding illegal squatting or defaulters. At Ama Desokupa we do not leave a single one of these requests unchecked and we handle them in record time.


All our projects are carefully evaluated by a group of experts in order to carry out the project in the best possible way and with the best chance of success.

We do understand your concern, we provide solutions and fight for your home.

We help you

We commit ourselves to you and recover your property, without excuses and without you having to worry about anything.


We have the best team of experts and professionals in the sector with extensive experience in each type of case.

You will feel supported

We care about you, at Ama Desokupa we understand your concern and we will advise and help you all the way until you get your property back.

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