Mediation of squatters

Efficient mediation against illegal occupations

Our mediation service with squatters is designed for to provide a peaceful and efficient solution to property owners facing the problem of illegal occupation of their properties. We understand the challenges and concerns that this can generate, so our team of mediation experts facilitates a constructive dialogue between both parties involved. Our goal is to find an amicable solution that respects the rights of all, thus avoiding unnecessary conflicts and costly legal proceedings. Rely on our experience and negotiation-based approach to resolve occupancy cases fairly and efficiently.


By contracting our mediation service with squatters, you will benefit from the experience of our team specialized in conflict resolution. Our professional mediators are highly trained in effective communication and negotiation techniques, allowing them to approach difficult situations with calm and empathy. In addition, we handle all communications with the squatters, facilitating an open and respectful dialogue process. This not only helps to prevent confrontations and tensions, but also provides both parties with the opportunity to express their concerns and find common ground to reach a satisfactory solution.


One of the main benefits of hiring our mediation service with squatters is the speed in resolving the conflict. Through our collaborative approach, we seek to find fast and efficient solutions to recover your property without the need to resort to costly legal proceedings. In addition, by opting for mediation, a culture of respect and dialogue is fostered, which can lay the groundwork for future constructive relations between the parties involved. Rely on our mediation service to deal effectively and peacefully with squatting cases.


Peaceful resolution

Our mediation service avoids violent confrontations and prolonged conflicts, promoting a peaceful and respectful solution for both parties involved. This reduces the stress and risks associated with direct confrontations and provides a safer and more ethical alternative for resolving squatting.

Cost savings

Mediation with squatters can be a more economical alternative to traditional legal processes. By avoiding lengthy court proceedings, legal and administrative costs are reduced, saving owners significant time and resources.

Quick solution

Mediation seeks to find quick and efficient solutions to the squatting conflict. By focusing on open communication and negotiation, a quicker resolution can be achieved, thus avoiding long waiting times and allowing owners to recover their property more expeditiously.

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